Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lunch in the Crossroads

Ventured into mid town to have lunch with my pal Phil. Phil's a fellow Bill Nelson nut and talented designer too! We had both been busy over the holidays, so it was nice to finally be able to get together for lunch again. We decided on Grinders in the Crossroads district.

While walking to the restaurant I had to get a few snaps in of one of my favorite KC attractions. The TWA rocket on top of the Barkley building.

Turn the corner and there it is. My destination.

Grinders specializes in pizza and Phillycheese steak. When weather allows they also have outdoor concerts in a back pavilion area. Last summer Blondie played here.

We opted for the Margaretta pizza. When the waitress saw my camera she was very enthusiastic about me taking a picture of our pizza.

It was quite tasty!

Since we were in the historic Crossroads Art District I thought I should get at least one shot of some of the art. This sculpture is on the side of the concert space behind the Grinders building.

My drive home. Thought I 'd take some quick snaps of downtown while paused in traffic.

Not a particularly good view of the KC Star newspaper building. But it was all traffic would allow. The Sprint Center to the right.

Slightly better view of the Sprint Center. Still have not been. Would be fun to see a basketball game here. Was tempted to see Fleetwood Mac when they performed here.

Supporting the nifty vintage Cannon sign is one of my favorite buildings in KC. And it houses one of my favorite shops in KC, Retro Inferno.

Approaching the Bartle Hall pylons, Power and Light District and the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts currently being built.

Closer view of the Kauffman Center's construction.

Closer view of the BH pylons. A KC skyline icon. Most of P & L and downtown are to the right off camera.

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