Friday, January 29, 2010

St. Louis visit - part two: Friends meet up on Blueberry Hill

On Sunday we met up with my friends Tim and Jenny. We were meeting them in "The Loop" for lunch. It's one of my favorite parts of St. Louis and Tim and Jenny live nearby. These first images are of stars we passed while walking the St. Louis Walk of Fame on our way to Blueberry Hill.

I really enjoy Virginia Mayo's performances in many Danny Kaye films. Particularly "A Song Is Born". I had no idea she was from St. Louis.

I could go on and on about both Eames, Charles and Ray. The husband and wife design duo are two of my favorites. And both hugely influential to myself and so many others.

Ah Endora! Agnes' performances as Samantha's meddling mom on Bewitched have entertained me since I was a little kid. It wasn't until later that I saw some of her fine acting in film. Oh and I can't forget her tour de force in the classic Twilight Zone episode "The Invaders". That episode certainly left a major impression on me as a youngster.

We've arrived at our lunch destination. Clayton outside Blueberry Hill. Blueberry Hill is where Chuck Berry gives regular performances. It's a great venue to see an intimate show. I saw Robert Fripp there a couple of years ago. But this was the first time I'd ever been for lunch.

Closer shot of the marquee.

Jenny in front of an old jukebox while waiting for our table. Sorry for the harsh flash.

Would love to have this vintage Roy Rogers bobble head in my collection. It's part of the variety of pop culture collectibles on display throughout BH.

More collectibles.

I took this one for my brother. He had a bunch of these vinyl wrestler figures as a little kid.

Tim playing hockey (I'm his opponent) in the game room at BH. I had a smaller table-top version of this as a kid. Lots of fun! This game had a glitch though. You had to tilt the whole machine up to make the puck return mechanism work after scoring. Photo courtesy of Jenny.

Leaving Blueberry Hill. Then a stop in the record store. Now on our way to see Tim and Jenny's abode.

Another view heading out of "The Loop". I like taking these quick snap shots while riding. You never know how they'll turn out. This one isn't particularly interesting. Though I do like the "Tivoli" sign.

A poor driving picture of a nifty sign. It's for the Moonrise Hotel. I'd stay there based on the name alone.

Entering T and J's.

Tim and Jenny's neighborhood.

T, J and AF pose. Clayton's the photographer. Unfortunately I never did get a quality photo of the bunnies.

A very fun afternoon spent talking with three great friends!


  1. We had SUCH a great time seeing you! Also, your photos made the loop and Blueberry Hill look so good!

  2. I had a great time visiting with you guys too! I'm so glad we had the time to just hang out at your apartment. Will definitely have to get back soon. And bring LB with this time!

    The Loop is a unique place. It feels a bit like downtown Lawrence to me, though not quite as hip or something. Maybe It's just the years of living there and my fondness for Lawrence coloring the comparison. However I also feel The Loop has some of the more grand scale of The Plaza yet with some of the Westport quirkiness.