Friday, January 29, 2010

St. Louis visit - part one: Arrival

AF here. I went to St. Louis in mid January to spend nearly a week visiting my best friend Clayton. It had been a long time since we were able to just pall around together. Plus I had the opportunity to catch up with other friends who live in the St. Louis area. A great time was had! So I'll relive it a bit in the next few posts.

Below are a few quick shots I took after arriving at Clayton and Carolyn's beautifully designed home. It's always fun first entering the house, because each time I visit the rooms are pretty radically different. As much a statement on the length of time between my visits as to the fluidity of their decorating.

My initial view upon arrival. Notice the Fornasetti artwork on display.

Clayton and Carolyn are Jonathan Adler enthusiasts and have furnished their home with many of his designs. In fact, their home recently won Adler's Happy Chic Home contest and was also featured in St. Louis At Home magazine.

I really like this Adler credenza.

Below some images of my lodgings for the week. I love the color scheme in this room.

A couple of my favorite pieces in their home. These Adler plaques rest on the wall in the master bedroom one on each side of the headboard.

And the Adler dining table arrangement.

So certainly a comfortable abode to relax in. Which we did that evening. And the next morning we went shopping. I picked up an Adler squirrel ornament for LB and I . 75% off!

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