Friday, January 29, 2010

St. Louis visit - part six: Crown Candy!

After our Busch Stadium tour we went for lunch at a St. Louis classic Crown Candy.
The image below has nothing to do with Crown Candy. It's just a building I admired on the way there.

We've arrived!

I love classic soda fountain/ice cream/candy shops. And Crown Candy has it all.

It's like being transported back in time once inside.

The vast selection of frozen treats.

The Challenge!

Each booth had one of these vintage table top jukeboxes.

The building.

The neighborhood. Seems to be going through a revitalization.

Heading back after a tasty lunch and a tremendous malt!


  1. Lovely photos! We'll have to visit Crown Candy. I also love old soda fountains (have you been to the one in the basement of the KC museum?)

  2. No! I had no idea there was one. Any more details?

    There's one on the square in Downtown Independence that we used to go to. Harry Truman worked there as a youngster. Darn it's name is escaping me at the moment.

    Do go to Crown Candy! Once inside I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    Thanks for looking and commenting Jenny!

  3. The caramels that Angelfish brought me were delicious!!!

  4. Sorry, I should have given more information! The Kansas City Museum is in an old mansion and has a variety of exhibits. Most are related to history or the area, but there are some natural history exhibits and sometimes traveling photography displays, and a planetarium. In the basement is a old soda fountain, which is really neat. They do phosphates there! The Museum is located at the corner of Benton and Gladstone Blvds.