Friday, January 29, 2010

St. Louis visit - part three: Long time no see and goodies

On Monday morning we headed out to Festus, just south of St. Louis, to visit an old friend of mine at his bookstore. John and I met in the late 80s when we both lived in Springfield, Missouri. We had lost touch for many years due to multiple moves, but reconnected recently via Facebook. It was great seeing John again! We originally bonded over music and still have many of the same interests. Couldn't chat for too long though, as his shop was really busy. Which was great to see! If you're ever in Festus or the St. Louis metro in general check out Books Galore.

A nifty kids book that I aquirred at while at Books Galore. Thanks John!

Some spreads.

Nice graphic forms.

After leaving John's we headed for Euclid Records, my favorite music shop in the St. Louis area. Somewhat surprisingly, I didn't find any CDs this time. But I did leave with some vintage vinyl.

Was very excited to find this LP. A pal in Dreamsville (the Bill Nelson website) turned me onto it a while back. But it isn't currently available on CD. Not sure if it ever was. This album's got it all. Legendary guitar playing and a fabulous cover. Love the "Living Stereo" banner that RCA used. Check out Chet's mad scientist workshop back there. And what a nice Gretsch he's playing. Spiffy sweater too.

This album was a really fun surprise! I had no idea it existed. And don't have any idea what it sounds like. But I don't care! I bought it for the artwork. Great illustrations! And a singing grasshopper trio! How cool is that! And I am curious to hear their rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".

Close-up of the insect crooners. How funny that they sing the "Chipmunk Song". I'd like to think there was some major Grasshopper/Chipmunk rivalry back in the day. Alas Alvin and his brothers won out. Do chipmunks eat grasshoppers?! Actually I suppose it was a quicky attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Chipmunks.

"Wonderland" 45 single version of one of my favorite tracks from XTC's Mummer album. Again attractive illustrations adorn the sleeve.

And Euclid's business card. Nice design and a little bird!

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